We are Jake and Jacqueline. Husband and wife, parents to the cutest little man and baby girl; LA dwellers, believers, storytellers, and adventurers. He takes photos, I write words, we love working together, and collaborating with other creatives and brands.

We started a blog right when we got married as we were preparing to move to Haiti. We wanted to share our life with our friends and family around the world. As life would have it, at the last minute we felt really strongly called to stay in LA and live out the passions we had for Haiti here. This was SO hard for a lot of reasons but definitely what was right for us. Once I stopped missing Haiti, I {we} fell in love with this crazy city. Jake took his hobby with photography and started a business, we began having babies, and are so thankful for the life God has given us here.

With Jake doing photography, me being a film school grad, and missing having a creative outlet; we decided to really do the blog thing. We love working together, we love sharing our life, so it was a natural fit. The risk of painting a picture of perfection has always been a major concern of ours; and while Jake takes amazing photos, our life is far from picture perfect, in the same way that no ones life is perfect. This isn’t our whole life, there are pieces decidedly left out, for us, for our kids, because it’s just the healthiest way to do it for us. But it is our life. Some great, some hard, and a lot of in-between.

We choose together. You can read more about this and why we’re so passionate about this space {and our life} being a joint effort here.

Thank you for choosing together here with us, for following along in this journey. Our hope is that you’d leave this little space more encouraged than when you arrived.

so much love!

Answers to your questions…

  • How long have you been married? Since October 2011.
  • Fabricius is an “interesting” name, where’s it from? We’re both Italian, and according to my Italian grandma it’s an Italian name, BUT Jake’s dad is from Amsterdam so it’s technically Dutch.
  • How long have you lived in LA? I moved here in 2007 and Jake moved here in 2011.
  • Do you follow Jesus? Yes! This will give you a good idea of what we believe.
  • Do you want more babies? YAAAAAA – someday.

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*All images are our own unless otherwise noted.

*All content and opinions on this blog are genuine and original. Some posts may include affiliate links and/or collaborative promotions with brands. With that, I am committed to never posting an opinion of a product that is not 100% honest, this is something I am unwilling to compromise on. Thanks for following along with us!

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