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Spring is here! I was so eager about it I spent all day yesterday thinking that it was the 21st and posting about it being the first day of Spring. Oopsy. Anyways – I am so excited for a new season! I don’t love rain, like I enjoy the first day or two of it, but I grew up in Southern California and I’m 100% a sunshine girl. There’s something so sweet about new seasons, especially Spring, full of new life and the end of the cold. I am excited for what this next season will hold. Our lemon tree is currently dripping rain, but trying to just look past that and be anticipatory for more days like this ūüėČ
Happy Spring!
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The most important

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how as a mom I’m always second guessing myself. How I prioritize my time with Hudson and Sofia, my time with Jake, my time with other people, not to mention time on my own; it has become somewhat of an unexpected battle. There really are only so many hours in a day, and I never realized the value of every single minute the way I do since having kids. I have so much respect for moms of four and five and more kids. I don’t know how they do it, and yet they are some of the moms I look up to the most . My own mom somehow balanced it all so well. You always hear about the duck; how it’s calm on the surface but paddling like crazy under the water, I imagine it must be something like that.
I am constantly thinking to myself, what is the most important thing for today? As an avid list maker and prioritizer, this seems logical. But, I think I’m learning that with kids, “important,” doesn’t follow the same rules that the rest of life does, because with kids you never really know what the next day is going to hold. When Hudson falls and scrapes his knee and he needs an extra ten minutes of cuddles, or when Sofia is teething and wants to only be held by me all-day-long. When the day is just off and you need to throw out all the plans and BE more than you need to DO. These things are the most important. Ultimately the organic balanced meals, the limited screen time, the outdoor physical activity, the at least 30 minutes of book reading – they’re all good, but really I don’t think they’re the things that are the most important. Taking the time to see where they’re at and what they need that day – that is more important. And more than anything it’s really just love – that’s what they need more than anything – that is most important. It takes a lot of different forms, it’s usually not quantifiable, it usually can’t be checked off a to-do list, but that is what I think will shape these tiny souls more than anything else.
So if you’re struggling like I am, give yourself a break and take a step back; if you’re even thinking about anything regarding what benefits your kids, it’s probably because you love them more than life itself. You’re doing great, mama!

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Celebrating LOVE

Basically as soon as the Christmas tree comes down I’m ready to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I wait until February 1 to really start celebrating, but I love it! We didn’t get to making homemade valentines this year, but we’ve had a lot of fun over the last two weeks. Hope you’re all enjoying celebrating!

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juice juice juice

Hudson and I have both had some health stuff going on, so we’ve been trying eliminating a few things and adding a few things to see how that helps. With that we’ve been juicing a bunch and it’s become this little activity that Hudson loves doing together. Sofia naps, we juice, it’s so good. Finding special things for him and I to do just the two of us has been so important in transitioning to him not having all of my attention. Our favorite¬†juice is: apples, oranges, beets, cucumber, ginger, pineapple, and a little lime – it’s amazing. *tip* we always like to strain our juice to get a less grainy texture.
Happy juicing!
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stay a little longer

I’ve been all sorts of emotional about it, and it took me a month, but I’ve finally sorted out¬†at least some of my thoughts and feelings¬†about Hudson turning three…
Every night as I get him to bed, we go through our routine, brushing teeth, pjs, daddy praying, and then we have our special me and him cuddle and¬†singing¬†time.¬†We have a few songs in rotation, but every night we always sing “Hallelujah.” Once we’re done with that he knows I’ll cuddle for a minute or two and then it’ll be time for me to go. And for the last few weeks, each night when I give him a kiss and a squeeze, before I even say that it’s time for him to fall asleep, he’ll grab my face and whisper in his sweet sleepy voice, “stay a little longer.”
Each night it gets me; it cuts straight through my mama heart like a knife. I hold back tears, and tell him I can’t stay for too long, but I can stay just a minute¬†longer; the dishes, and laundry,¬†the¬†“me time” can all wait. Because, the reality is, in about 15 years, just a few more blinks, I’m going to be begging him for the exact same thing; oh baby, stay a little longer. And like I can’t stay for too long, I know he can’t either; but please, just a little longer.

Bath Time

I have been so excited for Hudson and Sofia to do bath time together! Bath time is one of my favorite childhood memories, and Hudson absolutely loves it! Clearly they had a blast together. With Hudson, I didn’t use anything but coconut oil until he was well over a year old, but I’m¬†totally comfortable using Pleni Naturals on Sofia at her age. Their products are amazing! They smell delicious, are such great quality (which I always worry about with natural products), and their packaging is adorable! Thanks Pleni Naturals for introducing us to your products!
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5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

We realized this weekend that Hudson is pretty gluten intolerant ūüôĀ While I’ve always limited how much he gets, after him throw up on both of us after highly glutenous meals,¬†we realized it’s just messing his body up. I’d rather make changes in his diet now and hopefully limit the damage done, and save sugar and gluten for only special occasions like¬†birthdays and holidays. Anyways, I’m on the hunt for good recipes! I have to¬†do¬†the SCD diet most of the time for health reasons, so I’m pretty familiar with gluten free, but it’s different trying to find fun things for a 2 year old. If you have any you love, send them my way!¬†There are tons of recipes out there, but we liked how this one turned out. Baci Baci, Jac


1 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup honey (scant half a cup) 1 egg 1 pinch baking soda 1/4 cup cocoa nibs (optional) Preheat 350 Grease cookie sheet with coconut oil Mix all ingredients together Drop 1/8-1/4 cup size cookies on sheet Cook 6-8 minutes, watch them super closely! as soon as they’re browning around the edges, they’re done even though they’re still pretty soft. Enjoy!

Cupcake date

I can’t believe I’m so behind on getting this post up. A week or two ago we took an afternoon to just get out and walk around one of our favorite places. The Americana is this great outdoor mall with the best atmosphere, and we love it there. Sofia slept through the entire outing which let Hudson get some more one-on-one time, which I love. He adores his sister, no doubt, but getting our undivided attention fills his little heart up so much. We got Sprinkles which is clearly a win, I love the excitement on his face in these pictures, he’s so expressive and I love the moments we’re able to capture it.


Balboa Strawberry Festival

On Saturday we found out that there was a strawberry festival just twenty minutes away on Sunday, I mean … a festival for strawberries … yes please. So after church we headed up, and when we got there it was kind of like a farmers market but with lots of fun strawberry treats and fun games for kids. We had the most amazing fish tacos with strawberry salsa, chocolate covered strawberries, and there was this crazy chili, pineapple, strawberry drink everyone was raving about. Hudson loved cranking the water toys and driving “his fire Jeep” – he’s obsessed with Jeeps, like father like son. He’s the most passionate kid I’ve ever met, I love watching him enjoy things the way he does. It was a great way to spend our afternoon! Have a great¬†weekend!! xo, Jac IMG_7882













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LA Zoo

We have been really trying to take advantage of all that this beautiful city has to offer. We haven’t had a zoo pass for about a year, and when I was in Texas Jake took Hudson and renewed it. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, but I have no doubt we’ll be spending a lot of time there this summer! Jake was able to get some amazing shots of the lions, and according to the lion keeper¬†getting shots of them showing affection is really rare, so that was fun. Hudson still hasn’t stopped talking about all the animals! Sofia¬†did great on her first zoo trip! Clearly she slept through it all.
Happy Wednesday!



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Hudson’s shoes | shorts | shirt
Sofia’s shirt | shorts | bow was a gift and I have no idea where it’s from ūüôĀ so sorry
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