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5 Oils to Add to Your Beauty Regiment

Over the past few years, basically since I got pregnant with Hudson, I’ve been trying to integrate as many natural changes to my beauty regiment as possible. An easy place to start for me was things like lotions, switching out lotion for oil had a pretty low impact; unlike finding a clean foundation or mascara that I like, which has been a way bigger challenge (If you have found natural makeup products you love PLEASE share them with me!). Another easy switch was face wash. I seriously thought it was crazy when I heard about it, but cleaning my face with oil is one of my favorite things! I used to hate washing my face, mostly because everything I used didn’t seem to be a good fit for my skin and didn’t take my makeup off, enter oil, I love washing my face now! I’ve linked my 5 favorite oils and how I use them below.

5 oils to add to your beauty regiment - natural beauty, natural skincare

  1. Castor oil
    This oil just has a negative connotation in my mind and I have no idea where it came from, regardless, it’s amazing! I use this every night to wash my face. I pour about a quarter size in to the palm of my hand and rub it all over my face. I let it sit while I brush my teeth and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. It takes off my eye make-up better than any remover I’ve ever used, and leaves my skin hydrated without feeling oily at all. I’ve read it also does amazing things to your hair, but haven’t tried it.
  2. Olive oil
    This is my go-to hair treatement. I’ve tried coconut oil, but always come back to olive oil. I always do this on a day when I have a lot of work at home because it’s a great treatment to let sit in your hair for a few hours. I’ll warm it up to a warm temperature, not too hot, and start at the ends and working it throughout my whole head of hair. I wrap it up in a bun, let it sit for a few hours while I work around the house, and wash it out the way I would wash my hair any other time. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and makes it so shiny, I don’t know why I don’t do this more often? When washing the oil out I do focus a lot on shampooing the roots really well, just to make sure I’m not left with a greasy scalp, but as long as I do a good job I’ve never had my hair feel oily afterwards
  3. Coconut oil
    I really do use this oil for just about everything: my family’s sunscreen, cooking, cleaning, those Pinterest articles of 100 uses for coconut oil are no lie. One of my favorite uses for this oil is oil pulling. I was totally grossed out by this in the beginning, but my teeth never feel as clean as when I oil pull before brushing them. I’ll typically do this in the shower because I know I won’t have to be answering little people’s questions while I’m in there. I just grab a teaspoon of oil and start swishing it around in my mouth, the harder you swish it over your teeth and around your mouth the more clean I’ve found it feels in the end. After 5-10 minutes spit it out and brush. It has a ton of health benefits because it pulls toxins out of your mouth, and I love that it whitens your teeth!
  4. Shea butter
    I know this one is a butter but, it’s one I use every day, so I feel like it fits. This is a pregnant mom’s dream anti-stretch mark lotion. It’s thick and creamy and keeps your skin super hydrated – the key to preventing stretch marks. Since not being pregnant I’ve continued to use this as my lotion. It is thick and takes some time to work in to your skin, but it keeps my skin from getting dry better than anything else. Love love love it!
  5. Frankincense oil
    So this one is an essential oil, but it’s like a miracle oil. I put about 10-20 drops of it in my bottle of castor oil that I use to wash my face at night, I’ve started to put a drop of it on a dark spot on my face that showed up while I was pregnant with Sofia, it’s great for your skin so I don’t know why I haven’t added it to my shea butter lotion. I love putting a drop under my eyes on those mornings where I was up all night with the kids. Basically if it was good enough to give to Jesus as a gift, I’m down to try it.

Happy oiling!


Man, I feel like our life has been nonstop lately. We always know September and October are full, but seriously, I feel like we just ran a marathon for two months straight. I think our kids became completely different people over the course of it all. Each day practically I wake up and feel like they’ve developed some new trait, or something new that they’re doing, or interested in. As they say, the days can feel long, but the years truly are so short.
Lately each morning when they wake up, they come to our bed, and Hudson will ask, “do you want to see how tall I grew while I was sleeping?” After our encouragement and affirmation, he’ll stand up as tall as he can and show us, quickly joining him, Sofia will stand up to show us, and add flexing her muscles to show us how strong she is. I’ll reply with “Oh my goodness!” a few times, and it only makes them stand taller and more proud, and I just feel like this is the life I wish I could capture every moment of. Every tiny thing they do, and say, I wish I could have it all documented. How do you balance wanting to document it, with letting yourself be present? If any of you have mastered it, please let me be your student, because I feel like I live in the middle of this conflict at all times.
I spent the last few days in this funk. There was no real reason, I was just down. I hate when I’m in that place, because I just feel like I’m wasting these precious blinks of life. I know there is much for my kids to learn by letting them see that there are the happy moments, and the harder moments; that’s real life, but I’m just always really thankful for that morning I wake up and feel back to myself. Thankful for new days, full of new mercies!

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Cropped Denim

I have loved the cropped denim trend this Fall! They’re so fun! These burgundy velvet loafers are my jam lately. I feel like the spice up a normal jeans and t-shirt outfit so easily. One of my favorite things about fall fashion is all the rich colors. I’m loving the cool weather we’ve had this week! I tagged my favorite cropped denim and loafers for you guys below.



Black Jumper Dress

Finally some Fallish weather! I knew I’d have to change by noon, but took advantage of this cool morning and we went out for a little coffee date. I’m dying over how obsessed Sofia is with these ballet shoes. They’re all she wants to wear lately, and has such strong opinions about them! It’s seriously so fun watching her little personality develop and grow.

Family Photos

Every year around our birthdays I love getting some photos of us as a family. This is our local park, and I love that we were able to get these here. This is life lately, and I feel like these pictures capture each of us so well.
Southern California is always pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to Fall weather, much to my Bostonian husband’s disappointment. But we never have to shovel snow and get to go to the beach in February, so can we really complain?
I will match my children as long as they let me, and then some. We loved getting out early in the morning before it was 80+ degrees *eye roll* for some time at the park. If I had to pick just one piece of Fall clothing, I’d pick a leather jacket every single time, linked my favorites down at the bottom.


Bohemian Festival Editorial

I LOVE these shoots! Seriously, there’s a lot that goes in to them but we always have SO much fun! We got to work with some amazing brands and the most phenomenal women. We had such a great day together, and I’m so proud of Jake for these photos, I feel like he just keeps outdoing himself. All our amazing vendors are linked at the bottom, I can’t recommend them enough! Happy almost weekend!




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Spring Transition Dresses

We are having amazing weather again, and it has me all in the mood for Spring! I think one of the things I really love about Spring is that you get to mix and match your favorite Winter items with your favorite new Spring pieces; boots with dresses, skirts and jackets, shorts and long sleeves. It’s so fun! This dress has quickly become one of my favorites, I could wear it every day. This one is sold out, but I’ve shared a few of my favorite transitional dresses at the bottom.

Happy almost Spring!
Baci Baci,

Houston Blogger Collaborative

We went to Houston to be a part of one of my absolute best friend’s wedding, and got to spend a little time enjoying the city for a few days after as well. We did a blogger collaborative shoot with some local bloggers as well and had the best time! Getting to know new bloggers in their city, working with amazing companies, and watching my husband do what he’s so good at will never get old! Thanks Houston for having us!


An Afternoon at The Park

Some good friends recommended this amazing park that overlooks the whole city. We took the afternoon this weekend, had a picnic, and took some pictures. Typically After the holidays I feel like there’s a little lull, but not this year; things seem to be as busy as ever! So we enjoyed taking some time to slow down and be still-er. Hudson was obsessed with this park, and “cooking” with his sticks. It has undoubtedly become one of our new favorite places. I am so in love with these jeans and this sweater from PinkBlush Maternity! Being pregnant in the winter is SO different from being pregnant through the summer like I was with Hudson. I am constantly on the hunt for good maternity jeans, and these do not disappoint! I’m giving away a $50 gift card to their amazing store on my Instagram, so head on over there for details on how to enter. xoxo, Jac