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Our Park

There’s a park in our neighborhood; we absolutely love it! We’ve done countless family shoots here, and Hudson and I come here on a weekly basis just to run around and get our energy out. This outing didn’t disappoint. Hudson loves being outside, he’d be outside all day, every day, if it were up to him! Clearly this white shirt doesn’t stay white for long. This dress is amazing! Seriously, if I’m ever pregnant in the summer again I will undoubtedly live in this dress, it is SO comfortable! Living in Southern California I’m sure we have a good couple months of summer weather left, and while I’m soaking up bohemian summery clothes I’m already starting to feel that itch for plaids, boots, and pumpkin everything.

Hope all of you have a great Wednesday!

 White Bohemian Dress -

 White Bohemian Dress -

White Bohemian Dress -

 White Bohemian Dress -

 White Bohemian Dress -

 White Bohemian Dress -


my outfit: dress | headpiece | tattoos Hudson’s outfit: t-shirt | pants | shoes


I posted about this incredible company on my Instagram a while ago, but couldn’t help but do a full post when I got this amazing collection in the mail. Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription company that sends you the most amazing jewelry for only $19 a month! You pick out your favorites, they mail you a collection, you wear it, look fabulous, and mail it back whenever you’re ready. Any of the pieces that are just too good to send back … you keep and pay a great price that’s way below retail! This company is brilliant! AND use code jacquelinefabxoxo to try your first month for free! Rocksbox - jakeandjacqueline.comRocksbox - jakeandjacqueline.comRocksbox - Rocksbox - jakeandjacqueline.comtop | pants | purse (no longer available, similar) | sunniesearrings (similar) | bracelet | necklace (similar) | all jewelry

Wearing: Shop Barefoot Bohemian

I always love collaborating with small business owners! There is so much hard work that goes in to running your own shop, and I love getting to feature the individuals behind the brands!
kimono - kimono - jakeandjacqueline.comIMG_kimono - jakeandjacqueline.com7062kimono - kimono -

Meet Megan, the woman behind Shop Barefoot Bohemian!
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What inspired you to start your shop?
I have always loved bohemian style clothing and seem to always feel empowered when mixing in these pieces with some of my everyday wear. I have always dreamed about starting a little shop where I can sell some pieces that inspire me. My goal is to select affordable and fashionable pieces that I wear myself and that speaks to the bohemian in us. In the near future I would love to expand to my own little website and share my own designs!

What are three things that people should, but might not, know about you?
1. I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling which is funny because it is so different from retail!
2. I’m getting married in October and have been so busy these past few months getting ready for our wedding, yet I’m secretly a little more excited about launching my shop!
3. I have so many pages with lists of graphic tee ideas that I really would love to incorporate in my shop!

What is an adventure you are dreaming of?
One of my greatest dreams is to travel and experience different cultures. I will be traveling to a few tropical locations before the end of the year (Hawaii and the Bahamas), but next year I think we will be planning a trip to France/Italy/Croatia/Africa for a few weeks.

kimono: Shop Barefoot Bohemian | purse: R.Riveter 

Our Favorite Koi Pond

My mom works at this beautiful school with Hudson’s favorite Koi pond. I’m LOVING watching him grow and change and learn. Every time we pull in to the parking lot he already knows we’re there to see “ama” as he calls her, and as soon as we’re out of the car he starts saying, “fishie!” “turtle!” “water!” He is such a little explorer. The other day we went to see her before lunch and he had so much fun!
We’re off for our trip up the coast today to celebrate my grandparents 80th birthdays!
Have a great weekend!


Culottes jakeandjacqueline.comCulottes Culottes jakeandjacqueline.comCulottes Culottes Shorts | Shirt (similar) | necklace (similar) | Sunglasses | Purse (similar)
Hudson’s outfit : Shirt (similar) | Pants | Shoes

The Pink Wall

I can’t remember when I first heard about THE pink wall in Hollywood, but immediately upon discovering it, I knew I had to find it. I can’t believe it took me so long; I’m sure I’ve driven past it before without realizing, but I’m so glad we stopped for a few minutes on our commute across town the other day. Pink will forever be my favorite, so this was an extra fun shoot.
Love this top I found at Nordstrom’s the other day, Jake and his sister have this little thing where they always say “Sup” to each other, and I love that it reminds me of my amazing sister-in-law.

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!
Jac PINK WALL PINK PINK PINK WALLJeans (similar) | Shirt (sadly this exact shirt isn’t available online) | Shoes |
Bar Necklace | Initial Necklace | Sunnies (similar)

The Giving Keys

So there’s this amazing company called The Giving Keys that employs men and women coming out of homelessness in Los Angeles! They recycle keys and make them in to these beautiful necklaces with words of encouragement on them. I asked Jake to pick a word for me, and this was his choice, he’s kinda the sweetest. Check them out, get yourself one, get one for someone else, pass them on – they’re awesome! We obviously did this shoot before we cut Hudson’s beautiful curls off, he’s so handsome either way, but oh I miss those curls.


We pass these stairs on our walk every morning and stopped to explore them today for the first time. Love exploring with this little man!

IMG_5229 IMG_5281  IMG_5259 IMG_5250 IMG_5242 IMG_5237  IMG_5234

My Outfit:
Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Hat (similar) | Necklace | Sunglasses | Watch

Hudson’s Outfit:
Shirt (no longer available) | Shorts (similar) | Shoes

Tribal Editorial Shoot [part 3]

Alright, this is our last look from the shoot. We had a lot of fun! I wanted to have Jake in this shoot so badly, but he doesn’t like getting in front of the camera; hopefully I’ll get him in one soon! Hudson got so comfortable walking around our little space and turned all these sticks into drumsticks! I hope you guys had a great week and have a great weekend!


mom and son | tribal photo shoot | Jacqueline Fabricius | Jake Fabricius PhotographyIMG_6389IMG_6386 IMG_6414 IMG_6412 IMG_6465 IMG_6446 IMG_6390

My Outfit: Romper (similar) | Romper (similar) | Bangles | Shoes

Hudson’s Outfit: Shorts | Necklace

Tribal Editorial Adventures [part 2]

Ok, happy pictures are great, but I feel like I’d be lying if I just posted all these pictures and said we had a perfect day. Hudson has been cutting his two year old molars hard core for the last week and today was just a hard day. Also, this hike is great, but SO much further than I remember it being, especially with a teething babe. We honestly had a lot of fun, and clearly he wasn’t miserable with all these smiles; but real life is real life, and real life is messy, so here’s a tiny effort just trying to be real about it all and not pretend it’s all smiles and fun photos.

 img_6150IMG_6143 IMG_6148 IMG_6146 IMG_6153IMG_6144

My Outfit: Shorts (similar) | Shirt (similar)

Hudson’s Outfit: Shorts | Shirt (similar)

Tribal Editorial Adventures [part 1]

Ok guys, I’m gonna flood your feed with this shoot all week! Jake loves a fun editorial shoot, and we have so much fun brainstorming and making ideas come to life. A friend sent me an inspiration shot from a magazine spread a few months ago and encouraged us to do it; I am SO excited that we finally got it done! The moment I saw the spread I knew the perfect location to do it. This is one of my favorite shoots we’ve done! We did three different looks and I was going to originally get them all in to one post, but decided to break it up over the course of the week. So here’s the first look. Hope you all had a great weekend!

IMG_6214IMG_6342 IMG_6328  IMG_6273 IMG_6282 IMG_6268  IMG_6192 IMG_6190

My Outfit:
A lot of these outfits are already sold out, and I couldn’t find a link anywhere, so I tried to find some close options.
DressBangles (similar)

Hudson’s Outfit:
Pants (similar) | Necklace

Manhattan Beach

We took the afternoon to walk around Manhattan Beach on Jake’s only full day off school until October! It was the best. I started going down to Manhattan in college, and I think it’s probably my favorite beach here in LA. Hudson LOVES the ocean and sand, and the three of us had the most relaxing day. I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing more styled posts with our adventures around LALALand, and finally just decided to jump in and do it. These pants are SO comfortable, this bag from R.Riveter has been the best in transitioning from just carrying a diaper bag; and I can’t get over how much I love the jewelry Rocksbox sent me, I just sent it back and can’t wait to show you guys what I get in my next one. Use the code jacquelinefabxoxo to get your first month free!
Hope you’re all getting excited for 4th of July weekend!

xoxo, Jac


IMG_0631 IMG_0641


My outfit:
Top (similar) | PantsShoesNecklace | Rings | Hat (similar) | Purse

Hudsons outfit:
Top (I cut the sleeves off) | Shorts (Similar) | Shoes