Clinging to Jesus


Days like today I land in bed feeling like my fingers can’t hold on any longer, like I’ve just be trying all day to hold on to Jesus, and barely making it. When big plans come crashing down, when the little things seem to pile up in to something too big to carry, I know, I KNOW, that Jesus is the only answer. I know being filled up with Him and His Truth, that’s the only hope. And some days I end feeling full, knowing I have been filled up, but days like today I feel just about bone dry, but also knowing the vast emptiness I would experience without Him. So tonight I’ll fall asleep fighting to preach Truth to myself instead of repeating the lies that are endlessly surrounding me, pleading for God to give me more of Himself, and resting in knowing that He’s already given all of Himself so I can have hope beyond today.

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