My grandma always sang this old Italian song to me called “Farallina” which is all about a little butterfly. It’s one of my favorite memories of her, and butterflies always remind me of her. I had been wanting to grow butterflies with Hudson, and one day my brother just brought some over for him. We had so much fun watching them break out of their cocoons and grow in to these insanely beautiful butterflies. Having to let them go was bittersweet, but whenever we see butterflies in our yard now Hudson calls them “his butterflies,” each of which he named Laurie or Larry. I love him. As we were letting them go all Hudson wanted was for one to land on his finger, and sure enough the last guy flew back and sat on his finger for a solid 5 minutes. I mean, hi answered prayers. It always blows my mind that God cares about these little things. Anyways, if you can, I can’t recommend doing this with your kids enough!

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