He Chose It


When things get hard, I retreat and close up. Having Jake has taught me a lot in this, not closing him out, not closing God out. But the truth is stuff has been hard. I really want to use this space to remember what God has brought us through and what He’s taught us. Even tonight reading posts from over a year ago and just remembering and thanking Him for all He has done. So it seems the best way to get myself back in to this space, back in to sharing my heart, letting even myself see what’s deep inside there, is by sharing someone else’s words. Baby steps, you know.

A precious friend txted this to me and my mama last week. God is so good to remind us of Himself through each other. Anyways, I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.

“No woman ever cherished for her babe visions half so fair as your God has for you… What then is the cause? Is it that He has made a mistake in your life? You think so. If instead of being a poor man you had been rich, if instead of being a lone woman you had had one to call you wife and little children to clutch your dress and call you mother, if instead of being tied to the office stool you had been a minister or missionary, you think that you would have been a better, sweeter character. But I want you to understand that God chose for you your lot in life out of myriads that were open to Him, because just where you are you might realize your noblest possibilities. Otherwise, God would have made you different from what you are. But your soul, born into His Kingdom, was a matter of care and thought to Him, how best He might nurture you; and He chose your lot with its irritations, its trials, its difficulties, all the agony that eats out your nature. Though men and women do not guess it, He chose it just as it is…”

FB Meyer

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