Man, I feel like our life has been nonstop lately. We always know September and October are full, but seriously, I feel like we just ran a marathon for two months straight. I think our kids became completely different people over the course of it all. Each day practically I wake up and feel like they’ve developed some new trait, or something new that they’re doing, or interested in. As they say, the days can feel long, but the years truly are so short.
Lately each morning when they wake up, they come to our bed, and Hudson will ask, “do you want to see how tall I grew while I was sleeping?” After our encouragement and affirmation, he’ll stand up as tall as he can and show us, quickly joining him, Sofia will stand up to show us, and add flexing her muscles to show us how strong she is. I’ll reply with “Oh my goodness!” a few times, and it only makes them stand taller and more proud, and I just feel like this is the life I wish I could capture every moment of. Every tiny thing they do, and say, I wish I could have it all documented. How do you balance wanting to document it, with letting yourself be present? If any of you have mastered it, please let me be your student, because I feel like I live in the middle of this conflict at all times.
I spent the last few days in this funk. There was no real reason, I was just down. I hate when I’m in that place, because I just feel like I’m wasting these precious blinks of life. I know there is much for my kids to learn by letting them see that there are the happy moments, and the harder moments; that’s real life, but I’m just always really thankful for that morning I wake up and feel back to myself. Thankful for new days, full of new mercies!

Hope you’re all having a good week!

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