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Man, I feel like our life has been nonstop lately. We always know September and October are full, but seriously, I feel like we just ran a marathon for two months straight. I think our kids became completely different people over the course of it all. Each day practically I wake up and feel like they’ve developed some new trait, or something new that they’re doing, or interested in. As they say, the days can feel long, but the years truly are so short.
Lately each morning when they wake up, they come to our bed, and Hudson will ask, “do you want to see how tall I grew while I was sleeping?” After our encouragement and affirmation, he’ll stand up as tall as he can and show us, quickly joining him, Sofia will stand up to show us, and add flexing her muscles to show us how strong she is. I’ll reply with “Oh my goodness!” a few times, and it only makes them stand taller and more proud, and I just feel like this is the life I wish I could capture every moment of. Every tiny thing they do, and say, I wish I could have it all documented. How do you balance wanting to document it, with letting yourself be present? If any of you have mastered it, please let me be your student, because I feel like I live in the middle of this conflict at all times.
I spent the last few days in this funk. There was no real reason, I was just down. I hate when I’m in that place, because I just feel like I’m wasting these precious blinks of life. I know there is much for my kids to learn by letting them see that there are the happy moments, and the harder moments; that’s real life, but I’m just always really thankful for that morning I wake up and feel back to myself. Thankful for new days, full of new mercies!

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Cropped Denim

I have loved the cropped denim trend this Fall! They’re so fun! These burgundy velvet loafers are my jam lately. I feel like the spice up a normal jeans and t-shirt outfit so easily. One of my favorite things about fall fashion is all the rich colors. I’m loving the cool weather we’ve had this week! I tagged my favorite cropped denim and loafers for you guys below.



Black Jumper Dress

Finally some Fallish weather! I knew I’d have to change by noon, but took advantage of this cool morning and we went out for a little coffee date. I’m dying over how obsessed Sofia is with these ballet shoes. They’re all she wants to wear lately, and has such strong opinions about them! It’s seriously so fun watching her little personality develop and grow.


T H I R T Y … Man how did I get here? When I was little the joke was “Jacqueline’s three, going on thirty.” I spent my first twenty years wishing I was older. I spent my twenties wishing I was younger. And I think, so far at least, thirty is the first age I’ve loved being right where I am. Life isn’t perfect, there are mountain high days, valley low days, and everything in between. I have been blessed with more than I could ever deserve. I have things in this life I could have never set goals for 10 years ago, because I am not bold enough to ask my Heavenly Father for blessings this sweet.

Milestones always get me. They force me to slow down {something I’m so bad at}, and reflect. And when I actually pause long enough to reflect on the things that matter in this life, when I push away all the junk, and stuff that the world tells me is important, I realize that if my life were to end tomorrow, I’d leave this world so rich. I have a Savior who saved me from myself, a husband that loves me at my worst, children who fill the world with joy, a family that loves me, and friends who stick with me. Perspective, oh perspective; man how I wish I could live in this true reality, and not get caught up in the rest of it. Lord willing, I’ll do more of that in this next year than last, and this will be more true with each year ahead.

Let’s do this!

Bohemian Festival Editorial

I LOVE these shoots! Seriously, there’s a lot that goes in to them but we always have SO much fun! We got to work with some amazing brands and the most phenomenal women. We had such a great day together, and I’m so proud of Jake for these photos, I feel like he just keeps outdoing himself. All our amazing vendors are linked at the bottom, I can’t recommend them enough! Happy almost weekend!




_MG_0147 copy


















clothing Free People | accessories GDLG Collection | hair/makeup Nicol Artistry
manicurist Base Coat Nail Salon | Glow The Boho Glo

Spring Transition Dresses

We are having amazing weather again, and it has me all in the mood for Spring! I think one of the things I really love about Spring is that you get to mix and match your favorite Winter items with your favorite new Spring pieces; boots with dresses, skirts and jackets, shorts and long sleeves. It’s so fun! This dress has quickly become one of my favorites, I could wear it every day. This one is sold out, but I’ve shared a few of my favorite transitional dresses at the bottom.

Happy almost Spring!
Baci Baci,

Choose Together


We’re back! We are so excited to be relaunching this space! We’ve gone through seasons of doing this more diligently and seasons where life has demanded more of us than we could give here, but the truth is we love it. We love having a space to share our life in this crazy city with our friends and family. So welcome to the fam!
We created this as a space for us to work together, to each express ourselves creatively, to encourage, to share. We CHOOSE TOGETHER: to work together, to do life together; together with the Lord, together the two of us, together with our kids, together with other creatives.

We’re also so excited to be launching our YouTube channel! It’ll have all the same things that we share here; family, marriage, faith, our LA life, fashion & beauty. We put an intro video to the channel up today! Check it out! Let us know what you want to see!

We love that you’re here for this journey together with us!
Baci Baci,
Jac & Jake



Congratulations Sara @yaysaritha! DM or email us at jakeandjacqueline@gmail.com to select your watch!
Thanks Armitron Watches!


3 months with Sofia

How can it be three months with this sweet baby girl already?! She is growing so fast, and it’s true what they say, that it goes faster with each baby. Sofia is an absolute doll. We see so many similarities between her and Hudson, but she is definitely her own little personality; she’s laid back and spicy all at once, I adore it. We are loving watching her learn to make sounds and try to roll over, she’s so observant and just loves watching everything going on around her.






Sofia’s cute bow is from Knot Just A Stitch,  Thank you Laura for the most beautiful bows! I so recommend checking out her shop! 


you are my favorite

This week marks 5 years since this man of mine asked me to be his wife. We had a whirlwind 5 1/2 months of dating/engagement (you can read more about it here and here), and 5 years later, here we are: 2 babies, some crazy adventures, some heartbreaks, some great joys, and everything that comes between.

You, Jacob, are my favorite; more than our babies, more than anyone else, it is you. I choose you. On the days it is easy, and on the days it is hard, you’re my one. Someday when they’re not babies anymore and our hair is grey or gone, it’s you and me; and you will forever be my favorite. Not because it’s easy or because either of us is perfect, but because we continue to choose each other, every, single, day. Our marriage is not a testament of our own strength or greatness, but the greatness and faithfulness and strength of our God. Our crazy Italian selves would have done us in many times over the past five years, but by God’s grace, here we are, more blessed than we could ever deserve. I am more thankful for you than I can put in to words. Thank you for being my one and only, my everything other than Jesus. I love you my sweet, forever.



This truly is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever worn. Find it here from Philia Clothing.

Matching Morning Downtown

Yesterday we woke up early and got out the door with plenty of time before church so we spent an hour or so Downtown just walking around. Before kids Jake and I planned to move Downtown and it’s always held this special place in our hearts. Hudson loves it down there, he just soaks it all in. Hudson’s jacket was my dad’s when he was little, and I have been dying to get some pictures of Hudson in it; this weekend it was cool enough to pull it out, and I could have just eaten him up! I will absolutely match him as long as I possibly can! Today marks 2 weeks until due date!!! Ahh! How has this pregnancy flown by so fast?! Hope all of your weeks are off to a good start! xo, J IMG_4284







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