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Cupcake date

I can’t believe I’m so behind on getting this post up. A week or two ago we took an afternoon to just get out and walk around one of our favorite places. The Americana is this great outdoor mall with the best atmosphere, and we love it there. Sofia slept through the entire outing which let Hudson get some more one-on-one time, which I love. He adores his sister, no doubt, but getting our undivided attention fills his little heart up so much. We got Sprinkles which is clearly a win, I love the excitement on his face in these pictures, he’s so expressive and I love the moments we’re able to capture it.


Vanilla Cake with Figs

jakeandjacqueline.com fig cake

Last night we had the sweetest birthday celebration for one of the sweetest humans you’ll ever meet! Devon you are a gift to everyone you encounter, so very thankful you were born!

I made a little cake, and apparently it was tasty, so I thought I’d share the links to the recipes I used. I didn’t use the frosting recipe included on the cake recipe; but, for the frosting, the recipe says to double it if using it for cakes, I did the standard recipe amount on two 9″ cakes, and had more than enough.

Vanilla Frosting Recipe
Vanilla Cake Recipe

For the fig topping: I just cut about four figs in quarters and placed them in the middle on the top, and then drizzled them with honey. So simple! I would recommend doing the honey right before serving, I did it a few hours prior and preferred how it looked fresh.