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Matching Morning Downtown

Yesterday we woke up early and got out the door with plenty of time before church so we spent an hour or so Downtown just walking around. Before kids Jake and I planned to move Downtown and it’s always held this special place in our hearts. Hudson loves it down there, he just soaks it all in. Hudson’s jacket was my dad’s when he was little, and I have been dying to get some pictures of Hudson in it; this weekend it was cool enough to pull it out, and I could have just eaten him up! I will absolutely match him as long as I possibly can! Today marks 2 weeks until due date!!! Ahh! How has this pregnancy flown by so fast?! Hope all of your weeks are off to a good start! xo, J IMG_4284







similar jacket | shirt | maternity jeans | similar shoes | sunnies similar Hudson’s jacket | Hudson’s pantsHudson’s shoes

Baby Shower

My sweet mama and friend threw me the most beautiful baby shower this past weekend. Friends from all over came to celebrate the sweet gift of this little life. It’s amazing how real it’s making everything feel! Just over a month to go! Here are a few of the little details from the day.

Hope your week’s are going great!


“He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” Psalm 91:4

A Morning at Home

We’ve had a few cozy mornings at home this past week, and I’ve just been trying to soak it up. We have so many projects around the house we’re trying to get done before baby, it’s easy to forget to take time to move a little slower.

Each day it seems like Hudson falls more in love with this little baby (he or she seems to be having this affect on all of us). But there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t ask {demand} to “see this beautiful baby right now,” as he puts it. I cannot wait to raise these two precious lives together.

I am also getting to that point where just about everything is pretty uncomfortable. With less than two months to go, and baby getting bigger by the day, I’m struggling to find clothes that me and baby can both fit in to comfortably. These PreggoLeggings fit so well, and are on repeat lately!

Hope all of your weeks are going well!

xo, Jac


IMG_3347 IMG_3377




leggings | sweater | shirt Leggings provided by PreggoLeggings, but all opinions are my own <3

Valentine’s Day

Finally getting some pictures from our Valentine’s day up, seriously days are just flying by lately! Jake loves being behind the camera so much, we forgot to get a picture together; but we got a selfie or two from our day date the day before on Instagram. We love celebrating just the two of us on the 13th and spending the 14th as a family, just a little tradition we started a few years ago. Anyways, here are some pictures from our day at the beach.


Manhattan Beach

We had such a sweet weekend! So full, and so sweet. We got to celebrate one of Hudson’s best bud’s birthday, and then spent the rest of the weekend celebrating one of my best friend’s engagement! Watching my friend find her person, has been a true blessing, and her fiancé flying them out to LA for the weekend to celebrate was more than I could have hoped for her.

Sunday morning Jake got to shoot some amazing engagement photo for them, and we spent the rest of our afternoon walking around the beach, soaking up some sun, and drinking milkshakes (Hudson’s favorite part)!

This little baby is 27 weeks and I am trying to soak up the next three months of him or her growing inside me. Hudson let me wear him in the Ergo for the first time in a long time, and it was just so sweet to carry both my babes around soaking up this crazy warm winter. It honestly got so warm that we were all taking off our jackets, oh LA. Hope your weeks are going well!





Sometimes {OFTEN} what I need is a solid dose of conviction paired with a little perspective. And as God often seems to do, He delivered exactly what He knew I needed at the exact moment I needed it.

A few weeks ago I started having pretty consistent regular cramping, went to the Doctor, checked it all out, baby is doing great, my body just seems to be freaking out. So the Doctor put me on, “moderate” bed rest.” Which apparently means, slowing down, only doing what I need to, and stopping as soon as there’s any pain, preferably beforehand. My idea of what I need to do, and my body’s idea of what I need to do have turned out to be pretty different. I would feel like I was doing nothing, and would still be in consistent pain – doing nothing with a 2 year old is pretty relative. Regardless, I was left frustrated, a little worried, and walking down a road of bitterness. As bitterness often does my walk quickly became a sprint, and I was in a full on bitterness-pitty-party-rut. It was honestly just ugly.

Sunday one of our pastor’s taught on entitlement, well … God so gently corrected me and completely just changed my whole perspective. I don’t deserve to have an easy pregnancy, the reality is, I don’t deserve to be able to be pregnant at all. If I were to focus on what I truly deserve, I’d remember that everything I have, all of it, is just God’s immeasurable grace; because even the hardest things are nothing compared to what I deserve.

So in place of the busy advent calendar of ice skating in Pershing Square, endless Christmas light searches, and “perfect” this or that I had created, we will be laying low, doing what my body allows, and soaking up time at home together. Truly, I love all the celebrations that go along with Christmas, but being forced to be at home and getting to focus more on what this holiday is actually all about, is a sweeter and more necessary gift than I could have known to ask for.

Happy advent, Merry Christmas!


You can listen to the message from Sunday here