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5 Oils to Add to Your Beauty Regiment

Over the past few years, basically since I got pregnant with Hudson, I’ve been trying to integrate as many natural changes to my beauty regiment as possible. An easy place to start for me was things like lotions, switching out lotion for oil had a pretty low impact; unlike finding a clean foundation or mascara that I like, which has been a way bigger challenge (If you have found natural makeup products you love PLEASE share them with me!). Another easy switch was face wash. I seriously thought it was crazy when I heard about it, but cleaning my face with oil is one of my favorite things! I used to hate washing my face, mostly because everything I used didn’t seem to be a good fit for my skin and didn’t take my makeup off, enter oil, I love washing my face now! I’ve linked my 5 favorite oils and how I use them below.

5 oils to add to your beauty regiment - natural beauty, natural skincare

  1. Castor oil
    This oil just has a negative connotation in my mind and I have no idea where it came from, regardless, it’s amazing! I use this every night to wash my face. I pour about a quarter size in to the palm of my hand and rub it all over my face. I let it sit while I brush my teeth and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. It takes off my eye make-up better than any remover I’ve ever used, and leaves my skin hydrated without feeling oily at all. I’ve read it also does amazing things to your hair, but haven’t tried it.
  2. Olive oil
    This is my go-to hair treatement. I’ve tried coconut oil, but always come back to olive oil. I always do this on a day when I have a lot of work at home because it’s a great treatment to let sit in your hair for a few hours. I’ll warm it up to a warm temperature, not too hot, and start at the ends and working it throughout my whole head of hair. I wrap it up in a bun, let it sit for a few hours while I work around the house, and wash it out the way I would wash my hair any other time. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and makes it so shiny, I don’t know why I don’t do this more often? When washing the oil out I do focus a lot on shampooing the roots really well, just to make sure I’m not left with a greasy scalp, but as long as I do a good job I’ve never had my hair feel oily afterwards
  3. Coconut oil
    I really do use this oil for just about everything: my family’s sunscreen, cooking, cleaning, those Pinterest articles of 100 uses for coconut oil are no lie. One of my favorite uses for this oil is oil pulling. I was totally grossed out by this in the beginning, but my teeth never feel as clean as when I oil pull before brushing them. I’ll typically do this in the shower because I know I won’t have to be answering little people’s questions while I’m in there. I just grab a teaspoon of oil and start swishing it around in my mouth, the harder you swish it over your teeth and around your mouth the more clean I’ve found it feels in the end. After 5-10 minutes spit it out and brush. It has a ton of health benefits because it pulls toxins out of your mouth, and I love that it whitens your teeth!
  4. Shea butter
    I know this one is a butter but, it’s one I use every day, so I feel like it fits. This is a pregnant mom’s dream anti-stretch mark lotion. It’s thick and creamy and keeps your skin super hydrated – the key to preventing stretch marks. Since not being pregnant I’ve continued to use this as my lotion. It is thick and takes some time to work in to your skin, but it keeps my skin from getting dry better than anything else. Love love love it!
  5. Frankincense oil
    So this one is an essential oil, but it’s like a miracle oil. I put about 10-20 drops of it in my bottle of castor oil that I use to wash my face at night, I’ve started to put a drop of it on a dark spot on my face that showed up while I was pregnant with Sofia, it’s great for your skin so I don’t know why I haven’t added it to my shea butter lotion. I love putting a drop under my eyes on those mornings where I was up all night with the kids. Basically if it was good enough to give to Jesus as a gift, I’m down to try it.

Happy oiling!