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Man, I feel like our life has been nonstop lately. We always know September and October are full, but seriously, I feel like we just ran a marathon for two months straight. I think our kids became completely different people over the course of it all. Each day practically I wake up and feel like they’ve developed some new trait, or something new that they’re doing, or interested in. As they say, the days can feel long, but the years truly are so short.
Lately each morning when they wake up, they come to our bed, and Hudson will ask, “do you want to see how tall I grew while I was sleeping?” After our encouragement and affirmation, he’ll stand up as tall as he can and show us, quickly joining him, Sofia will stand up to show us, and add flexing her muscles to show us how strong she is. I’ll reply with “Oh my goodness!” a few times, and it only makes them stand taller and more proud, and I just feel like this is the life I wish I could capture every moment of. Every tiny thing they do, and say, I wish I could have it all documented. How do you balance wanting to document it, with letting yourself be present? If any of you have mastered it, please let me be your student, because I feel like I live in the middle of this conflict at all times.
I spent the last few days in this funk. There was no real reason, I was just down. I hate when I’m in that place, because I just feel like I’m wasting these precious blinks of life. I know there is much for my kids to learn by letting them see that there are the happy moments, and the harder moments; that’s real life, but I’m just always really thankful for that morning I wake up and feel back to myself. Thankful for new days, full of new mercies!

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Cropped Denim

I have loved the cropped denim trend this Fall! They’re so fun! These burgundy velvet loafers are my jam lately. I feel like the spice up a normal jeans and t-shirt outfit so easily. One of my favorite things about fall fashion is all the rich colors. I’m loving the cool weather we’ve had this week! I tagged my favorite cropped denim and loafers for you guys below.



Black Jumper Dress

Finally some Fallish weather! I knew I’d have to change by noon, but took advantage of this cool morning and we went out for a little coffee date. I’m dying over how obsessed Sofia is with these ballet shoes. They’re all she wants to wear lately, and has such strong opinions about them! It’s seriously so fun watching her little personality develop and grow.


T H I R T Y … Man how did I get here? When I was little the joke was “Jacqueline’s three, going on thirty.” I spent my first twenty years wishing I was older. I spent my twenties wishing I was younger. And I think, so far at least, thirty is the first age I’ve loved being right where I am. Life isn’t perfect, there are mountain high days, valley low days, and everything in between. I have been blessed with more than I could ever deserve. I have things in this life I could have never set goals for 10 years ago, because I am not bold enough to ask my Heavenly Father for blessings this sweet.

Milestones always get me. They force me to slow down {something I’m so bad at}, and reflect. And when I actually pause long enough to reflect on the things that matter in this life, when I push away all the junk, and stuff that the world tells me is important, I realize that if my life were to end tomorrow, I’d leave this world so rich. I have a Savior who saved me from myself, a husband that loves me at my worst, children who fill the world with joy, a family that loves me, and friends who stick with me. Perspective, oh perspective; man how I wish I could live in this true reality, and not get caught up in the rest of it. Lord willing, I’ll do more of that in this next year than last, and this will be more true with each year ahead.

Let’s do this!

Wearing: Shop Barefoot Bohemian

I always love collaborating with small business owners! There is so much hard work that goes in to running your own shop, and I love getting to feature the individuals behind the brands!
kimono - jakeandjacqueline.com kimono - jakeandjacqueline.comIMG_kimono - jakeandjacqueline.com7062kimono - jakeandjacqueline.com kimono - jakeandjacqueline.com

Meet Megan, the woman behind Shop Barefoot Bohemian!
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What inspired you to start your shop?
I have always loved bohemian style clothing and seem to always feel empowered when mixing in these pieces with some of my everyday wear. I have always dreamed about starting a little shop where I can sell some pieces that inspire me. My goal is to select affordable and fashionable pieces that I wear myself and that speaks to the bohemian in us. In the near future I would love to expand to my own little website and share my own designs!

What are three things that people should, but might not, know about you?
1. I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling which is funny because it is so different from retail!
2. I’m getting married in October and have been so busy these past few months getting ready for our wedding, yet I’m secretly a little more excited about launching my shop!
3. I have so many pages with lists of graphic tee ideas that I really would love to incorporate in my shop!

What is an adventure you are dreaming of?
One of my greatest dreams is to travel and experience different cultures. I will be traveling to a few tropical locations before the end of the year (Hawaii and the Bahamas), but next year I think we will be planning a trip to France/Italy/Croatia/Africa for a few weeks.

kimono: Shop Barefoot Bohemian | purse: R.Riveter 

Manhattan Beach

We took the afternoon to walk around Manhattan Beach on Jake’s only full day off school until October! It was the best. I started going down to Manhattan in college, and I think it’s probably my favorite beach here in LA. Hudson LOVES the ocean and sand, and the three of us had the most relaxing day. I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing more styled posts with our adventures around LALALand, and finally just decided to jump in and do it. These pants are SO comfortable, this bag from R.Riveter has been the best in transitioning from just carrying a diaper bag; and I can’t get over how much I love the jewelry Rocksbox sent me, I just sent it back and can’t wait to show you guys what I get in my next one. Use the code jacquelinefabxoxo to get your first month free!
Hope you’re all getting excited for 4th of July weekend!

xoxo, Jac


IMG_0631 IMG_0641


My outfit:
Top (similar) | PantsShoesNecklace | Rings | Hat (similar) | Purse

Hudsons outfit:
Top (I cut the sleeves off) | Shorts (Similar) | Shoes

Wearing: Modern Moses Clothing Company

We had so much fun spending a few hours at the beach this past weekend, Jake got a few shots of me and our sweet little man in our new amazing shirts. Finding pieces that are fashionable and share our faith is not easy, but MMCC is so great at this! LOVE that I get to share them with you! This shirt is too perfect for Hudson! His hair is getting so long I almost always have him in a hat, headband, or a topknot in it. I can’t bear to cut it again and he loves his hats, so we’re good!

   IMG_9974IMG_9986 IMG_0128IMG_0033IMG_0120

Modern Moses Clothing Company is committed to providing little ones with stylish faith-based items that they will cherish for years to come. Beyond that, we pray that our clothes will help start conversations and spread the Good News of Christ! Meet the couple behind the brand …
What inspired you to start Modern Moses Clothing Company?
We were inspired to start Modern Moses firstly (and obviously) by our little boy Moses who will be turning two this summer! My husband and I had been wanting to put our skills together and enter into a fun business adventure together, and were inspired by the lack of hip & trendy faith based items on the market. It has been such a blessing to work together and to see our little dream grow into what it is today!
What are three things that people should, but might not, know about you?
1. Spencer and I got the entire series of Full House as a wedding gift and have fallen asleep to it every single night since. I dare anyone to try and challenge us to trivia… We WILL win!
2. Spencer and I met at Portland Bible College, but didn’t talk until we both ended up moving (separately) to Colorado. We have one really funny and extremely awkward picture together at PBC that will always be one of my favorites.
3. Seeing all your babies wearing our clothes is our absolute favorite part of running MMCC. We can’t believe you guys choose us to get to be a small part of your lives.
What is an adventure you are dreaming of?
We made our first family road trip to Disneyland around Christmas and I can’t wait to do it again! Anything that gets me away for a bit with my handsome boys is the best adventure I could think of!