Tag: thirtieth birthday


T H I R T Y … Man how did I get here? When I was little the joke was “Jacqueline’s three, going on thirty.” I spent my first twenty years wishing I was older. I spent my twenties wishing I was younger. And I think, so far at least, thirty is the first age I’ve loved being right where I am. Life isn’t perfect, there are mountain high days, valley low days, and everything in between. I have been blessed with more than I could ever deserve. I have things in this life I could have never set goals for 10 years ago, because I am not bold enough to ask my Heavenly Father for blessings this sweet.

Milestones always get me. They force me to slow down {something I’m so bad at}, and reflect. And when I actually pause long enough to reflect on the things that matter in this life, when I push away all the junk, and stuff that the world tells me is important, I realize that if my life were to end tomorrow, I’d leave this world so rich. I have a Savior who saved me from myself, a husband that loves me at my worst, children who fill the world with joy, a family that loves me, and friends who stick with me. Perspective, oh perspective; man how I wish I could live in this true reality, and not get caught up in the rest of it. Lord willing, I’ll do more of that in this next year than last, and this will be more true with each year ahead.

Let’s do this!