The Deluge


A few weeks ago I was chatting with a good friend about the tough seasons. Her family is in one, and we were just talking through how hard those times can be. I always learn so much from the ocean. It teaches me so much about God. It is so strong, but somehow still so peaceful; what’s going on above the surface is nothing compared to the world that exists below it, there’s more depth (literally and figuratively) than we can ever comprehend.

There are seasons in life where I feel like the trials, the struggles, the hard stuff is so much more abundant than the easy, enjoyable, “blissful” stuff. Not that you don’t have moments of joy even in those seasons. Some of the greatest and most tangible experiences of God’s hand over our life have been experienced in those hard times.
It’s just that there are times when it feels like you are literally being hit by crashing wave after crashing wave. It’s not just the big waves that everyone sees, the car accidents, the sick family members, the lost job, it’s the repetitive little waves that no one sees that really keep you from being able to catch your breath. Those ones when you think you can take a deep breath before another big hit, only to be knocked down again; those are the ones that ultimately leave you feeling like you’re drowning. The deluge of “hard” can be so debilitating, but dare I say, these times can be so deeply life giving. When that deep breath is finally caught, it is far sweeter than the breaths that came before the deluge of trials.

I say all this for a few reasons: to preach to myself, and to encourage any of you in a season of hard, or a season of sweet. We spend so much of every season wishing for something different, and I want to encourage you – and myself – to be HERE. Live in the right now. Whatever it is, if it’s a heavier load than you feel you can carry or a sweeter relief than you thought possible, be there. Cast your load on Jesus, His shoulders carried the weight of our sin, He can carry the weight of our struggles; His strength is made PERFECT in weakness. How has my perfectionist self never soaked that in more before?
As you’re grasping for something to hold to, something to pull you up out of the waves, cling to Jesus, cling so tight, focus your eyes so deeply on Him that you do not even see the waves. He is our hope, He is our strength, He is our victory assured.

so much love.

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